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What a fun weekend in Indianapolis this past Saturday, our kids truly worked together as a family to put their hearts on the floor and that alone was rewarding enough to be EPA PROUD! Congratulations to all the other teams who got to get on that stage and JUST DANCE!!

•Tiny Hip Hop - Lil Nuggets 🥇 1ST PLACE

•Mini Coed Hip Hop - 5WON3 🥈 2ND PLACE

•Mini Variety - Girlfriends 🥇 1ST PLACE

•Youth Coed Hip Hop - Troubled Truth 🥇 1ST PLACE 🌟Received a GOLD BID to the US Finals 2020 🏆

•Youth Male Hip Hop - Lil MEN 🥇 1ST PLACE 🌟Youth GRAND CHAMPS / Most Entertaining & upgraded to a PAID Bid to The Dance Summit 2020 🏆

•Youth Hip Hop - Lil Mamas 🥇 1ST PLACE 🌟Recieved an At Large bid to The Dance Summit 2020 🏆

•Jr Hip Hop - WERK! - 6TH PLACE

•Sr Coed Hip Hop - PARADOX 🥈 2ND PLACE

•Mini Lyrical Duet - Kendall & Zaya 🥇1ST PLACE

•Jr Lyrical Soloist - Jayden Vega 🥈2ND PLACE

Thank you Just Dance for having us, it was SOO much fun!!

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