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Hello, My name is Ali Magers, the founder/owner of EPA AllStars! I am 23 years old and I love DANCE! I have an awesome and very supportive family and a dog who I absolutely adore and couldn’t imagine life without. It took me some time to find my passion, having a gymnast background and trying anything & everything in between until I found my heart, dance – I worked really hard and was always on the younger end of all of my teams growing up but it paid off when I graduated from BT School of Arts in 2014 with a dance degree and placed 2nd in the world in 2015 at The Dance Worlds in Orlando, FL.


I created this program in 2016 with the soul purpose of chasing dreams, helping others find their passion and creating a safe place where everyone loves everyone like FAMILY! Dance has been my PASSION and saving grace since I was 10 years old, I have attended The Dance Worlds 9 times and personally performed from 2007-2015. I have taken teams to The Dance Summit since 2013 with my previous gym that I worked with and now EPA for the past since 2016! There is nothing more important to me than all of my kids and watching them grow in more ways than one! My goal is to teach hard work, passion and how to discard emotions and feelings in a positive way by giving them a place to call their second home, EPA AllStars!


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