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This weekend our EPA All Stars went to the WinterJAM in Louisville and took over.

Lil Nuggets - Tiny Hip Hop - 1st Place

Girlfriends - Mini Variety - 1st Place

5WON3 - Mini Hip Hop - 1st Place

Lil Men - Youth Male Hip Hop - 1st Place & US Final Gold Bid

Lil Mama's - Youth Hip Hop - 2nd Place

Troubled Truth - Youth Coed Hip Hop - 1st Place

Dance. - Youth Contemporary/Lyrical - 1st Place & Best Choreography

WERK! - Junior Hip Hop - 2nd Place

PARADOX - Senior Coed Hip Hop - 1st Place

We also received the most Spirited Studio award!

We have the best families ever her at Empire!!!

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