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Season #4 Off to a Great Start

The All Stars of Empire Premier Academy have started out their season with a bang! We recently just competed at the Nation's Choice Holiday Classic in Dekalb, IL. Our kids had so much fun performing at this competition along with getting to be together in their down time.

We are so proud of each one of these kids. They have put in such hard work and determination to not only improve themselves but to help them grow as a team.

Nations Choice Competition Recap:

-Mini Variety -2nd place and US Finals Bid 🥈🏆 -Mini Coed HipHop - 1st place , Crowd Favorite, Summit Bid and US Finals Bid 🥇🏆🏆 -Youth Coed Hip Hop- 1st place and US Finals Bid 🥇🏆 -Youth All Male Hip Hop - 1st place, Crowd Favorite, US Finals Bid and Summit Bid!!🥇🏆🏆 -Youth All Girl Hip Hop - 2nd place and US Finals Bid🥈🏆 -Youth Lyrical - 8th place -Junior Hip Hop - 2nd place, US Finals Bid and Summit Bid!!!🥈🏆🏆 -Senior Hip Hop - 3rd place and US Finals Bid🥉🏆

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