How do I select the appropriate class for my dancer?

The classes offered are based on the dancers age and skill level. The minimum ages for the beginner classes is ages 6+. If you have any questions about what class you register your child for please email us at

How do I register for classes?

Click here to register for all of our available classes.

Academy or Allstar?

Is your child interested in dance, but you are not sure what dance program is right for your family? Learn more about our Academy and Allstar program below.


This program is meant for dancers who are interested in dance but do not want the full commitment that comes with being on a competitive dance team. These classes are laidback, designed to get your child moving and socializing! It is a great way to introduce your child to dance and explore if dance is their passion!

  • What styles of dance are offered in Academy?

    • We off Ballet, Lyrical, Pom, Jazz and Hip Hop.

  • How long are practices and how many days does Academy practice?

    • Academy will practice 1 day a week for 45-60 minutes based off your dancer's age per class.​

  • Does Academy perform or compete?

    • All Academy classes will perform the THE SHOW (recital) at the end of their session. Academy student do not compete against other dance teams.​

  • How long is an Academy session?

    • We offer two sessions a year for Academy - a Fall/Winter and Spring session. The Fall/Winter Session runs from September through December and our Spring Session runs from January through April.​

  • How much does Academy cost?

    • Academy cost $50-$60 a month in tuition and then a uniform fee of $100 broken out in installments. There is also cost for tickets to attend The SHOW.​

  • Will my dancer still learn proper dance technique and be pushed in Academy?

    • YES! We take pride in being a dance studio and train all of our dancers the same way. The major difference between Academy and Allstar is how often they practice an dhow much time they get to work on skills/technique.​

  • Does Academy come with a commitment?

    • Yes, it comes with a 16-week commitment.​

  • How do I register for classes?

    • You can click here to sign up online. You will sign-up by age group, level of experience and recommendation from our staff.​


This program is meant for dancers who want to compete, who have interest in becoming a professional dancer and are ready to work hard! Allstar requires more dedication, a strong work ethic, repetition, and a lot of practice to become one of the best! A positive and good attitude is key, not only for the dancers but also for the parents.

  • What styles of dance are offered in Allstar?

    • We off Hip Hop, Jazz, Pom, Variety and Lyrical.

  • What circuit does our Allstar program compete in?

    • We compete in USASF sanctioned events. You can learn more about USASF here.

  • Does Allstar perform or compete?

    • Both! We compete in 4-6 competitions and perform in two SHOWS. There is also a potential for other performances, i.e. get invited to perform at a college half-time show.

  • How long are practices and how many days do you practice?

    • Depending on your age practices can be 1-2 hours long twice a week. In addition, other classes such as tumbling, ballet and tricks & conditioning are required depending on what team your dancer is on.

  • How long is an Allstar season?

    • It is 11 months and runs from June - April.

  • How much does Allstar cost?

    • It varies quite a bit depending on how many teams you dance on and your dancer's age. Tuition runs from $110-$150 a month. There are other charges outside of this that cover competitions, coaches' fees, uniforms, travel costs, etc. Additional pricing information is available upon request.

  • How far foes Allstar travel for competitions?

    • We try to keep most of our competitions as local (within 2 hours) as possible. However, we do have a few competitions that could require air travel or a 4-5 hour drive.

  • What year end season events does Allstar participate in?

    • We participate in The Dance Worlds and The Dance Summit (both in Orlando, Florida) and US Finals for teams that receive paid bids or do not receive a bid for the The Dance Worlds or The Dance Summit.